The modern way to manage your photos. 


Your photos are a hot mess!

We get it. Life is busy! You love capturing your family’s everyday moments with photos and videos. It’s never been easier with a mobile camera by your side 24/7. But now? Your camera roll is out of control!

Does any of this sound familiar?

You have thousands of photos on your phone, computer and various devices but can’t find the ones you love, easily. 

You keep adding more storage to make room for all the photos and videos you keep taking. 

You love photos and stories as a way to document your kids’ lives but you don’t have a clue where to start. 

You are overwhelmed by all the choices for software and cloud storage and struggle to find the best option for your family. 

You aren’t sure your photos and videos are backed up properly and now your anxiety is through the roof!

You want access to your childhood photos but they're still trapped in boxes and bins at your parent’s house. 

Your parents are downsizing and they want YOU to take boxes of photos, albums and memorabilia off their hands.


Life is busy, your hands are full, and you don't have unlimited time - or money! - to figure this out alone.

That’s what inspired us to create this community.

The Pix & TALES STUDIO is a subscription-based membership community filled with people just like you. Memory keepers and shutterbugs who want to document their family life through photos and videos, but feel overwhelmed with their out-of-control camera rolls.  

It’s a place where you can learn how to organize, protect and enjoy your collection, at your own pace, in a like-minded community. No more googling or trying to figure this out on your own. 

We teach you how to manage your photos and videos with easy-to-follow tutorials, proven systems and expert advice. Plus, you’ll have access to professional support whenever you’re stuck. 

It's the modern way to manage your photos. 


The Studio will help you to:

Create a digital photo management plan that works for busy, budget-conscious families. Our Digital Roadmap utilizes FREE (or mostly free) tools to get you organized.

Prepare and manage a Family Archive that you can hand over to your kids one day. We show you how to protect, archive and future-proof your collection.  

Shorten your learning curve with easy-to-follow lessons that you can access from your mobile device 24/7. Imagine everything you need, located in one, easy-to-access location!

Troubleshoot your way through challenges that leave you feeling stuck or paralyzed. You’re not alone and we’ve seen it all. We’ll help you solve & overcome roadblocks.

Reach into your childhood collection to organize & digitize your parent’s memory collection. Learn how to work with printed photos, memorabilia and outdated media.

Share and enjoy your family photos and videos. We teach you how to tell your family story through photo books, video highlights, documenting and more. 

Why should you join us?


Tap into our 25+ years of experience in the photo organizing industry, including our network of professional photo organizers.


We’re in the trenches with you! Our family collection spans 4 generations and we are actively preparing for future handoff.


Our member community is there to inspire, encourage and support your efforts. You don't have to do this alone!


We’re a living case-study and you get to look over our shoulder (and learn from our mistakes) as we manage our own collection. 


The last thing you need is more overwhelm. Our goal is to save you money and time with straight forward advice and practical solutions. 


Helping you get your photos organized so you can tell your family story, is our single most important goal. This is our full time focus! 

Meet Lisa & Chelsey

Hi, we’re Lisa Kurtz & Chelsey Young, the mom + daughter duo behind Pix & TALES. We teach busy parents how to organize their photos and tell their family stories. 

With a combined 25+ years in the professional photo organizing industry, we’ve helped hundreds of families manage and enjoy their photo collections. Professionally, Lisa spent 9+ years providing training and support to hundreds of professional photo organizers. Chelsey’s experience includes 5 years as a professional photographer, graphic designer, and administrative support for professional photo organizers. Personally, we’ve spent 30+ years managing our own multi-generational family collection through a variety of media trends and technology changes. 

In 2019, we launched Pix & TALES so we could help people just like you, manage your family collection. We decided to take our knowledge and experience and create a place where you could learn from experts and ask questions for as long as you need us. Photos and stories are our passion, and this is our full-time business. We are fully committed to helping you get this done in a way that is simple, doable and fun!


Learn more about us here. 

"Chelsey and Lisa have incredible talent when it comes to photography and photo organizing. They are upbeat, kind, creative, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to make the most of their precious memories."

Heather A.

What do you get with your Studio membership?

The following benefits are included. Simply choose your payment option and get started today.

Founding Member Perks

As a founding member, your membership rate is locked in for as long as you are an active member. That means you get our introductory pricing forever! Plus, we develop training and content based on your unique needs. We'll be working closely with our founding members. When we help YOU solve your problems and show others at the same time, everyone wins. Our lifetime membership plan is available for a limited time only, and an excellent solution for families with an extensive collection who need long-term support. Lifetime membership includes a 1-hour private consultation that you can use at any time. 

24/7 Access to our Training Library

Get started right away with our foundational course, the Digital Roadmap. This 8-module course will help you get organized with a custom photo management plan that works for your family. Once your digital photos are organized you're ready to tackle your childhood collection with our Printed Roadmap. Every week we add new lessons or topics to the training library, as we help you move through your photo collection. We’ll provide video lessons, case studies, tech tutorials, mini-courses, checklists, cheat sheets and other resources. Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home, 24/7.

Community Support

You’re not alone! We know how important it is to be surrounded by a community of support. Our private forum is a great place to share wins, ask questions and get feedback about your organizing challenges. Our community is the place to connect with other memory keepers and shutterbugs for inspiration, encouragement and idea-sharing.

Professional Support

You have direct access to expert advice and years of experience in the photo organizing industry. We can help you troubleshoot complicated challenges and hold your hand as you get started. Connect with us in our private forum or join us for live Q&A sessions where we answer your questions. Our ongoing education is essential to us, as well. We take courses to improve our skills and stay on top of tech changes and industry trends. In fact, we belong to a professional community of photo organizers so we can serve you better. That means you get to tap into the collective wisdom of hundreds of professionals!

Sorry we missed you! 

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